How It Works

At everything we do is focused on helping people and making their lives better.

   Ask Your Question :

 Select a category for your question, and tell Madam Felicia about the challenges your are experiencing. Be sure to make your question as detailed as possible, so that Madam Felicia will provide you with a more helpful answer.

 Get booked for an appointment.

Depending on your preferred channel of communication and your chosen convenient time, Madam Felicia will book an appointment with you and send you notification, clearly stating the details of the appointment and the Counselor, Doctor or Consultant to attend to you.

 Get response or Meet with a Counselor

Madam Felicia has partnered with trained attentive counselors, they listen to you with the whole of their heart, and provide you with practical advice on what needs to be done.

 We also do follow up

After a counselling session, a simple feedback form will be opened to you, with which you will let us know if your counselling session had been helpful. We will then provide a minimum of two follow ups to ensure we’ve been able to help.