About Madam Felicia

Madam Felicia is an online counseling platform that provides direct access to people with behavioral and emotional health services. Our counseling and therapy services are provided through web-based interactions as well as phone, text, and physical communication.


To reduce the level of stress in Africa through proper counseling and by creating programs that would help transform the lives of people and their relationships.

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Why we started Madam Felicia.

Better Life

We think people can live a better life. We think people can have great relationships. Whether with their spouses, friends, children, neighbors or themselves, a better life is possible.

Better decisions

Every day hundreds of people across Africa make wrong choices and decisions about their lives and their relationships. The internet is littered blogs that exploit the feelings of people for the purpose of entertainment.

Quality Help

We started Madam Felicia for those who need help. Those with so much in their minds, but have no one they can trust enough to share with.

Areas of Development






Work Stress


In Danger

95% of users have seen great improvements.

Join the 1000+ people who have used Madam Felica’s services to improve their lives and their relationships.